Written to the creative person within each of us; this book was created as an art-piece and a ‘gift’ to the self’ - It is a reminder to ‘choose love over fear’. 

The book, a richly designed, 316 page full-color, hardbound monograph, with forward by art critic, John K. Grande, includes the 12-minute DVD film, 'Love and Fear' by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena and a 30-minute artist's voice-over slideshow.  Each die-cut cloth book is signed, housing a limited-edition cast-bronze 'gift/gift' coin. $60, plus $5 shipping.

book:love and fear


“Schifrin’s extra-dimensional art extends far beyond mere representation. Symbols and details are presented like the branches of a tree that sprout from every nook and cranny of emergent forms, intensely personal, grimacing, extending the visual metaphor of life as a journey. They remind us that art is living experience.”

                                                             - John K. Grande, author of Balance: Art and Nature and Art Nature Dialogues

• spreads from the book •