recent works

play sky 2009, a twelve-foot bronze monument, private residence,

Sonoma County, CA

play sky-detail


Praise for Full Sky —

“It evokes a very spiritual sense upon arrival and lends something truly distinctive to the space that had not yet existed.”

            —Peter Morrow Meyer,

               Landscape Architect

full sky 2008, a twenty-foot bronze monument, private residence, New York State’s Duchess County

full sky

full sky detail

earth and sky 2009, an eighteen-foot bronze entry piece to DeLoach Vineyards, Santa Rosa, CA.  DeLoach vineyards is committed to biodynamic agriculture which embraces a spiritual, organic and scientific relationship with farming that nourishes and heals the earth. My sculpture is created as a symbol honoring that effort.

earth and sky-details

the line 2009 - ongoing (design phase)

This is an interactive, site-specific, multi-sculpture journey on 250 acres in New York created in collaboration with Sculptor David Duskin. It is a ribbon of steel that will run through a sculpture park landscape, becoming sculpture and leading to other sculpture. It will morph into interactive, kinetic forms, traditional sculpture and non-traditional innovations.

I’m interested in challenging myself to endeavors I have not done before.  So, in addition to creating and exhibiting new works, I wrote and will perform a spoken word poem, at the unveiling of this exhibition, Silver Lining Mother F*cker.

My mantra: “You wouldn’t dream it,

if you couldn’t do it.”

silver lining  motherf*cker

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